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Our mission is to improve the health of people in our community without access to medical and dental care.
8:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday

How You Can Help

We ask that you pray with us and for us every Monday-Thursday at 8:15am.  This tradition was started in 1993 and continues today---that God will guide our care and skills so that our patients find healing and restoration to their lives.

Here is a suggested prayer based on Psalm 139:1-12, written by Dr. Rev. Craig Tally, Board Member.

O God our Father,

       You reveal to us through the Psalmist

                   That you know our thoughts before they are thoughts,

                   That you know our words before they are words,

                   That you know our coming and our going.

       You speak to us that wherever we go -

                    To the north, south, east or west

                                                You are already there,

                    To places of daylight and darkness

                                                You are already there,

                     Even to the place of the dead

                                                You are there!


        I would ask that you be present with the volunteers, who give so graciously,

                 but you are already.

         I would ask you to be with the personnel, who work so tirelessly,

                 but you are already.

         I would ask you be with the patients, who need much comforting,

                 but you are already.

 And so Heavenly Father,

       How can I ask your presence where you are already?

            How can I ask you to do what you do already? 


My only prayer can be

for me to learn to care for this work more fully,

              for me to pledge my support to the limit of my ability, and

            for me to allow my love for you and for my neighbor to grow as I learn more of you.

We generally are in need of boxes of Kleenex, large bottles of hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and copy paper. Additionally, we welcome coffee, individual packaged drinks and healthy snacks for our patients who wait in our lobby and are in need of refreshment.


The Community Clinic does not receive ANY state or federal funding nor does it receive reimbursements from insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or any other governmental program. The largest funding sources for the Clinic are grants and individual donations. The Clinic also receives some assistance from local hospitals, churches and fundraising activities, but these donations make up less than 10% of the total funding base. Your financial contribution assures that patients are seen without regard to their ability to pay for the visit.  The Clinic does not charge for office visits.

The Community Clinic is dependent on the skills, creativity and dedication of its volunteers. The Clinic relies heavily on volunteer physicians, nurses, office staff and others to provide care to our patients. Volunteers have always been vital to the continued success of the Community Clinic.

In 2014, a total of 40 volunteers donated approximately 4,500 hours of time, valued at over $200,000.00 in free professional care.

All Clinic volunteers go through an extensive training program and are expected to be friendly and courteous to all patients. Many times it is a volunteer’s kind word or gesture that resonates with a patient and makes them comfortable in a situation where they might be experiencing fear or pain.

General Volunteers

General volunteers include office staff, maintenance workers and all-purpose workers. General Volunteers donate thousands of hours each year to help provide a friendly, comfortable, reassuring environment at the Clinic. The volunteer schedule is very flexible, allowing individuals to volunteer as many or as few hours as they are comfortable with.

Large volunteer groups work at the Clinic from time to time as well, providing large cleaning and/or organizing projects, upgrades to Clinic facilities and assisting with other activities.

Professional Volunteers

Professional volunteers are those physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants and nurses that donate their time to see the Community Clinic patients. Professional volunteers normally spend approximately four hours a month at the Clinic seeing patients (one afternoon or one morning per month). They assist with clinics in their specialty and insure that the Clinic patients get the best possible care. These individuals are the life blood of the Community Clinic – without them, the Clinic would be unable to provide the excellent patient care that it has become known for.

Volunteer Application Form

THANK YOU FOR YOUR APPLICATION! Our volunteer coordinator will contact you soon.